The brand

Supplier of Goodfoodmood®

Duni and the world around are constantly changing. For several years, the company’s “Designing Atmosphere” brand platform has worked extremely well. But, as the company changes, the relevance of that platform as regards all products and business areas has gradually diminished. Therefore, during 2014 Duni has developed the brand platform “Supplier of Goodfoodmood”.

Duni worked on developing the new brand platform towards the end of 2013 and at the beginning of 2014. The aim was to strengthen and expand the platform so that all business areas could draw benefit from it and it could be used throughout Duni, irrespective of geography or market category.

During the year, considerable work has been expended on listening to customers and end users. It was important that they should participate in the change. Together with them, it became clear that Duni and its customers have a shared interest: food and drink.

Eating and drinking occasions are special occasions made for enjoyment, alone or together with others. When eating a hamburger from a take-away, it’s important to have proper packaging material – that way, even such a moment can be enhanced. A creative, colorfully laid table in a fine restaurant transforms the occasion into something special.

Conveys the right associations

“Supplier of Goodfoodmood” stands for a new attitude. Duni is much more than merely a producer of napkins. Duni creates expectations, excitement, inspiration, as well a convivial atmosphere and positive mood on all occasions when food and drink are prepared and served. Goodfoodmood conveys the right associations to Duni and creates opportunities to do things together with the customers. Thus, for example, Duni sponsors the Bocuse d’Or European cooking championship, is a Gold Partner with Gastronomi Sverige, and has been involved in Min Stora Dag (My Big Day) in which children prepare food together with a top Swedish chef. Goodfoodmood is also a good platform for our CSR work, in which it is important that Duni conveys the fact that it is doing its utmost for the environment.

Design expertise and unique materials

An important element of the platform is that Duni shall continue to be experts in design, both for the broad products as well as the premium segment.

An example of this is provided by a new napkin which is the size of a towel napkin and can be folded in the same way. Many restaurants fold towel napkins and place them as napkins on the plate. Therefore, Duni has produced this product – proof that Duni has become even better at predicting trends and developing products in dialogue with the customers.

The groundbreaking bio-based material for Duniform, which replaces PP-plastic, is another example. Yet a further example is provided by Designs for Duni®, where both expertise and trend consciousness are required in order to find those persons who can make designs which attract attention, while at the same time fitting in the market.

Exciting cooperation with Bocuse d’Or

During 2014, Duni was one of the main sponsors of the European final of Bocuse d’Or 2014, the European cooking championship, which was arranged in Stockholm. 20 of the most prominent chefs in Europe participated, and the winner was Tommy Myllymäki from Sweden. The cooperation with Bocuse d’Or is very exciting. The chefs endeavor to create spectacular food experiences and contribute inspiration and new ideas within the art of cooking. This fits in perfectly with Duni’s desire to be at the forefront in the development of products and trends for how food & drink are presented. Duni contributes to creating a positive food experience every time food and drink are served – a Goodfoodmood.