Materials & Services Business Area

Business optimized through streamlining

The core business is strengthened through maximum utilization of materials and services.

The Materials & Services business area covers external sales outside the scope of the other business areas. Most turnover comes from direct sales of tissue and airlaid material produced at the plant in Skåpafors. Service – which is part of outsourcing – is also accommodated within the business area. The aim is to utilize in full the capacity available in order to support and strengthen the core business.


2015 was characterized by the strategy of streamlining Duni’s business and concentrating primarily on the core business, namely, by means of products and services, creating Goodfoodmood® on occasions where food and drink are consumed. As a consequence, the hygiene products business was discontinued. This previously accounted for 90% of the business area’s sales.

Designed for growth

“By only producing material used in the core business, we can concentrate on utilizing our capacity to the fullest. This strengthens Duni.”

Mats Lindroth, CFO

European finance function (EFF)

Outsourcing with high capacity and expertise

The outsourcing function, European Finance Function (EFF) is also included within Materials & Services. This is a business located in Poznan, Poland, which is tasked with handling large parts of the Group’s reporting and accounts functions.

Placing the accounts activities with EFF has significantly reduced Duni’s costs, at the same time as the quality of execution and reporting has improved. Since a large pool of expertise is available, it has been possible also to invite external customers to use the services. During 2015, a handful of companies retained the company and perceived the advantages of doing so. Going forward, EFF will be able to assume more engagements and thereby make further contributions to revenues.