A sustainable approach for a better future

Conducting business with the world’s best interests in mind is a cornerstone of Duni’s business and involves assuming responsibility in a number of areas, both within and outside the organization.

The role of being a leading manufacturer of table top and packaging concepts carries with it great responsibility. Duni’s vision – to provide a Goodfoodmood® on every occasion when food and drink are served – also sets the tone for how the Group wishes to conduct its operations in a sustainable manner.


Duni’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work is governed by Our Blue Mission. The Our Blue Mission program describes Duni’s sustainability work within several areas and sets out our approach within areas such as the environment, product safety, social responsibility, social rights and business ethics. Specific targets have been set to ensure that the work is consistent and leads to clear improvements. These targets are to be achieved by 2020 at the latest.


Responsible forestry and paper extraction is a subject which is naturally close to Duni’s heart. Here, Duni uses a number of different methods to trace the origin of the raw material in order to contribute to responsible forestry and avoid illegal logging.

Duni is certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council’s® (FSC®) “chain of custody”. This is an independent international members’ organization which promotes environmentally conscious, socially beneficial and economically sustainable use of the world’s forests. FSC® has developed an extensive regulatory program concerning environmental governance, forestry and economy. Compliance with the program is a prerequisite for obtaining certification. Currently, more than 90% of Duni’s paper material is FSC®-certified. Most of the timber is derived from Nordic forests.


“The CSR work conducted at Duni has come a long way and is fully integrated in the operations. Therefore, we have also been able to establish tough long-term goals for the future.”

Elisabeth Gierow, CSR & Quality Director


CSR also involves responsibility for ensuring that suppliers comply with certain standards. Since 2005, Duni has been applying a regularly reviewed code of conduct to suppliers. During the year, policies and work methods were reviewed and revised. They describe how operations are to be conducted in an ethically, socially and environmentally correct manner. It is important to emphasize that the work involves an active dialogue with, and monitoring of, suppliers – particularly in countries with a less entrenched tradition of employee protection and human rights. Personal visits and support in order to understand and satisfy the code of conduct rules make a big difference. Duni continues to conduct a close dialogue with its suppliers in order to maintain a high level of compliance.


Duni is increasingly distinguishing itself by offering a large product range based on the market’s most environmentally conscious materials. One example is the large proportion of compostable paper products. In 2014, it was announced that Duni’s entire single-color collection of napkins and tablecoverings was marked with the OK Compost® mark, which was new for the industry. The marking is given to products that are guaranteed to be biologically degradable in an industrial composting facility. During 2015, it was possible to apply the certification to an increased number of products, including napkins and tablecoverings with printed designs.

Renewable materials, such as plant-based bioplastics and the sugarcane product bagasse, are also of great interest for Duni. The material is largely included in the ecoecho® range that Duni is developing in order to provide its customers with environmentally-profiled products. A product is only included in the ecoecho® range following assessment in accordance with established criteria, among other things regarding renewability and compostability.


Assuming responsibility outside the areas that are traditionally included in the operations also represents a key aspect of creating Goodfoodmood®. For the past couple of years, Duni has been supporting the Min Stora Dag (My Big Day) Foundation, which has the aim of enabling severely ill children to realize their dreams. During the autumn, Duni once again had the possibility to arrange such an activity. The day was filled with food and creative happiness when a celebrity chef arranged a cooking school with some 20 children as pupils. It was an extremely appreciated day which, of course, gave a perspective on life.


Duni places constant focus on work with renewable and compostable material such as plant-based bioplastics and bagasse. These materials amongst others comprise the ecoecho® range, which provides the majority of environmentally-profiled products.

Environmental targets

The environmental targets below for 2020 are reviewed regularly.


The energy in Duni’s production will be 100% fossil-free.


Renewable or
compostable alternatives shall be available in 100% of Duni’s product groups.


A 20% reduction in energy use between 2010 och 2020.


All employees shall be involved in improvements, be familiar with our code of conduct, and participate in the work on issues concerning values.


There shall be no complaints about products with potential health risks.


Monitored suppliers shall account for 80% of the value of raw materials and end products. All new suppliers of end products shall be monitored.