Individual potential leads the way

Success is best achieved with a sound organization. With a holistic approach, the company of the future is formed.

The correct structuring of the organization is an important factor in achieving commercial success. Since 2014, Duni has been engaged in a long-term plan to maintain and develop the potential of its employees. The goal is to create a sustainable organization by applying transparency and clear measurability, generates commitment and motivation.


When the position of HR Director was reintroduced in 2014, the task was clear. The HR work was to be reviewed to enable the organization to best contribute to commercial benefit. The target structure was clear, subject to the proviso that the way to achieving the target was no less important. An employee survey was carried out which identified the starting position. Based on this, a plan was developed involving careful and methodical work. The aim was to create a workplace in which views could be expressed and ample scope provided for diversity and development.

The philosophy on which the HR work is based is that employees who feel good and thrive at the workplace play a key role in all development and success. The belief that everyone has potential to develop, irrespective of position, also sets the tone. Based on this mindset, various processes have been initiated aimed at gradually moving the organization in the right direction.

Designed for growth

“We are working to identify and utilize the large pool of talent available within Duni. This creates values that go beyond improved earnings.”

Kettil Wedin, HR Director


It is essential to be able to measure the parameters that have been established. This creates both clarity and objectivity. Concrete activities in the form of individual development plans as well as job rotation and succession structures have also been implemented. Follow-up takes place regularly. In this way, it is possible to utilize and improve the talent that exists.


Operating on many different markets means that sales tools can vary. Despite this realization, there is much to be gained from using a more uniform structure when contacting customers. Thus, a special sales academy has been established aimed at enhancing the level within the area in order to further improve earnings. All sales staff within the Group will undergo the training course, which also provides tools to pass the knowledge onwards in the organization.

The new approach to HR work is constantly developing and will naturally continue over time. Different activities are being added regularly. Examples of such activities include marketing Duni outwards and ensuring that a structured recruitment process is in place.


  • On December 31, 2015, Duni had 2,166 (2,162) employees, equal to 2,082 (2,092) full-time positions.
  • The blue collar employees work within logistics, manufacturing and maintenance. Most blue collar employees (72.6%) work within manufacturing and maintenance at the plants in Dals Långed and Skåpafors in Sweden, Bramsche and Wolkenstein in Germany, and Poznan in Poland. 31.5% of blue collar employees in Germany work within logistics at the international distribution center in Bramsche. 52.3% of white collar staff work within sales. The remaining white collar personnel work within business support involving accounts, marketing, planning, purchasing and IT, primarily in Sweden, Germany and Poland.
  • Duni’s employees belong to different labor unions, depending on their position and country of employment. The employees are organized in a European Workers Council. Duni enjoys good relations with the labor unions, and personnel turnover for the Group as a whole is relatively low.
Gender breakdown

Geographic and functional breakdown


Blue collar employees

White collar staff









1 046





The Netherlands













1 213


2 082

Average number of employees

2011 1 928
2012 1 889
2013 1 902
2014 2 184
2015 2 174

As a company and a business, Duni is permeated by four core values:

Open mind

We trust and empower our colleagues. We have the courage to change. We listen, learn and share.


We keep our promises and are committed to delivering results. We dare to try. We create value for our stakeholders while respecting sustainable development.

Added value

We put our customers first. Speed is of the essence and we cross borders to find a solution. Innovation and quality are part of our mindset.

Will to win

We are always one step ahead. We seek opportunities and take action. We celebrate success.