Mood boosters

Duni’s new brand platform, Goodfoodmood®, serves as an important tool for achieving the overall objective of becoming the world’s most attractive provider of inspirational table top concepts and creative take away solutions.

In order to create Goodfoodmood®, Duni contributes four components to the mix of food and people, namely color, design, material and creative table setting. These are referred to as mood boosters.

Mood booster #1


Duni creates Goodfoodmood® by being the leader in producing well-designed products for the set table and take-away. Design includes pattern and motif, form and function.

The designed product range interprets current trends in terms of color, lifestyle and food that are of importance for Duni’s customer base. The 2015 collection captured several trends. Among other things, motifs and materials from nature, such as granite, marble and wood, were prominent.

Cooperation with partners within the Designs for Duni® concept represents another important aspect of Duni’s design offering. External designers such as Vallila, Hanna Werning and Melli Mello have strengthened Duni’s offering to the consumer market. In 2015, two new collections were launched together with byGraziela and Glööckler, both of which are well-known on the German market.

Mood booster #2


Adding the right color to a table setting is an important element in creating Goodfoodmood®. Duni distinguishes itself by having one of the broadest single-color product ranges in the industry. A palette of colors comprising more than 20 different hues offers a wide range from which to choose.

Since 1954, the actual paper dying has taken place at the Rexcell paper mill in Skåpafors. Duni can thus justifiably call itself a color expert throughout the entire chain, from production of the correct color pigment to finished product.

The single-color collection is updated constantly to match prevailing trends. In 2015, two new shades were added – Slate and Mint Blue. They are the result of interior decor and design being increasingly characterized by materials and colors inspired by nature.

Mood booster #3


One of Duni’s main strengths, and a self-evident aspect of creating Goodfoodmood®, is the development of functional and more environmentally conscious materials.

At the plant in Skåpafors, tissue and airlaid material are produced that are optimized for the set table. Evolin®, Dunilin®, Dunicel® and Dunisoft® are but a few examples of materials that have revolutionized the industry and blurred the lines between cloth and paper. Hotels and restaurants are thereby given the opportunity to use attractive, environmentally conscious and cost-efficient solutions.

Other groundbreaking materials include the new bioplastics that Duni is using for packaging solutions. The material can replace ordinary fossil-based plastics and is new on the market. The ecoecho® product range includes a large offering of products with an environmental profile that are manufactured from renewable or compostable material, such as bagasse. As a result, most of the products can be composted and all of them can be recycled.

Mood booster #4

Table setting

Colors, patterns and material all constitute parts of a whole. When combined in a suitable framework, Goodfoodmood® is created.

Putting together the correct color combination, the design motif and the material is an art in itself. Since 1954, table setting has been Duni’s area of expertise. By being the first in the world to sell color-coordinated sets of single-use products – napkins, table coverings, plates and candles – Duni has embellished thousands of tables over the years.

Through table setting, form can be given to innumerable modes of expression. Irrespective of whether the table setting comprises a few products or many, it is a question of demonstrating how, through color and form, it is possible to enhance the dining experience.