Production and distribution aimed at being no. 1

With a fully integrated value chain, Duni’s role as a leading manufacturer becomes even clearer.

Operations include converting and distribution centers in Poznan, Poland and Bramsche in Germany. Converting means that Duni manufactures finished products based on the paper material produced by Rexcell in Skåpafors. The area also includes warehousing, transportation and IT.


Vertical integration constitutes a part of Duni strategy of being a leading manufacturer of paper-based table top products. Full control over the entire value chain, from production of the basic material to converting, packaging and distribution, is a key factor for being a driver on the market. It also allows Duni to assume the role of leading expert and developer of materials.

Design printing, composition and embossing of unique materials such as Dunisilk® and Dunicel® take place at the plants in Poland and Germany. These are examples of functional and innovative concepts that meet the market’s needs. The ability to develop and manufacture such materials gives Duni a clear competitive edge and the company is constantly engaged in reviewing existing materials and developing new ones.

Designed for growth

“As a leading manufacturer of napkin and tablecover material, we must at all times be modern and efficient. By reviewing and optimizing processes at the plants, we will be even better in meeting the customers’ needs.”

Fredrik Malmgren, Director Operations


During the year, a major project was begun to review how plant processes can be refined to achieve optimization. The program extends over three years and is based essentially on ensuring that all processes are operated based on a customer perspective. Quite simply, priority must always be given to the customers’ needs, which serve as a common thread through our work.

The program includes a gradual review of all aspects, from day-to-day planning for product orders, to control processes for reliability and optimized customer service. Here, IT also plays a key role. By coordinating activities into an integrated IT platform, Duni will be better able to meet the customers’ needs, and constantly promote increased customer benefit throughout the chain.

Vertical integration

Duni has a vertically integrated business model for paper-based products. This means that the entire production and delivery chain is owned and controlled by Duni, from material manufacturing and concept production to converting and distribution.