The Duni brand

We create Goodfoodmood®

With a new brand platform, Duni is ready to present the world with a sharper offering.

As Duni grew, both by expanding its offering and penetrating new markets, a need arose to review the company’s brand. Therefore, 2013 saw the start of a major project which included market surveys, trend analyses and listening to the views of customers and employees on the matter. The major challenge was to identify a concept which could convey the values that Duni wishes to represent. It should also create the correct associations and be relevant to all business areas, both now and in the future.


It gradually became clear that there is one component that unites the company and its customers. A factor that is relevant to both end consumers and employees. That common denominator is food. It is food that brings people together, creates the need for decoration and, quite simply, creates the raison d’être for a company such as Duni.

The work also resulted in a new vision and a new brand promise – to create Goodfoodmood® whenever people get together to eat. It is based on the view that every meal is an occasion to enjoy, whether at home, at a restaurant or at a cafe. Duni wishes to be a part of the moment and make it even better.


Duni contributes primarily with four components for creating the right mood around food and drink, namely color, design, material and table setting. These are referred to as mood boosters and are areas in which Duni possesses unique expertise and is able to create added value. The customer should be able to offer just the right hue and a modern design. It must also be possible to choose from products that are developed using the most environmentally conscious materials available. In addition, Duni shall be able to provide the best tips for creating an imaginative table setting.

Designed for growth

“Goodfoodmood® is a platform that represents what Duni is today. With it, our work can be more integrated and clearer, which is a positive basis for creating improved business.”

Tina Andersson, Business Area Director Consumer & Corporate Marketing


The new brand platform serves as a lodestar and provides guidelines on how Duni should act in all situations. Creating Goodfoodmood® involves more than merely creating the right mood. It also involves giving people a positive feeling through assuming responsibility, working in a sustainable manner, and contributing with energy and inspiration.

2015 has been devoted to implementing the new platform. It will also characterize many activities in 2016. There will then be even greater focus on adapting to the latest food trends, establishing close relations with players within gastronomy and communicating offerings with clearer connections to food.

​Duni won two prestigious design prizes

Duni’s consumer products designer, Simi Gauba, won the prestigious Red Dot Award and Golden A’ Design Award for the design of the Pebble Bagasse series.

The product series, which was launched in February 2015, comprises single-use plates and bowls made from bagasse (a biproduct of sugarcane fiber).

​Bocuse d’Or

In January, the eyes of the gastronomic world were set on Lyon and the Bocuse d’Or final. As a sponsor partner, Duni had the possibility for on-site exposure and supported the Swedish representative, Tommy Myllymäki, who ultimately took bronze.