Meal Service business area


Greater focus on selected customer segments creates conditions for growth.

Business area strategy in brief:

  • To develop, in a flexible manner, unique solutions that solve the customers’ problems and meet their needs

  • Focused and active customer contact

  • To drive innovation and efficient purchasing from selected suppliers

Business area Meal Service creates concepts for serving and packaging food on the constantly growing market within, for example, take-away, fresh ready-to-eat food and catering. Customers are mainly within the restaurant, catering and food production industries in Europe.


The market for take-away and ready-to eat food is changing and growing. Continued urbanization brings with it new lifestyles and eating habits. Single households are increasing in number, while the older generation is financially better off than previously. Digital solutions are contributing to new ways of consuming food and drink, with multiple possibilities for placing orders and home deliveries. Consequently, the need for high quality ready-to-eat food is increasing.


Duni has adapted its organization in order to meet the increased demand. The sales department has been strengthened and increased resources have been allocated to the purchasing and product development departments. At the same time, strategy issues have embedded the business area to a greater extent. The work has resulted in a more customer-oriented business model.


“We are striving to become the most attractive supplier of environmentally profiled packaging solutions in Europe. 2016 was a strong year with growth in relevant customer segments, which brings us closer to achieving the our targets.”

Linus Lemark, Director Business Area Meal Service


Duni has also reviewed its growth strategy, which has been given a clearer focus on the fastest growing customer segments. These include customers within three areas: higher quality ready-to-eat food (fast casual), ready-to-eat food for schools, hospitals and elderly care (social catering) and ready-to-eat food sold on the shelf at grocery stores or delis (home meal replacement). The strategy has yielded dividends in the form of increased sales and improved income. In total, growth of approximately 7.9% at fixed exchange rates was recorded during the year. This is a faster rate of growth than the European market in general, and Duni is gaining market shares.


Environmental awareness among consumers is increasing and serving products and packaging solutions with a high environmental profile are growing in popularity within all customer segments. Thus, in 2016 all of the business area’s major product launches took place within Duni’s ecoecho® brand range. The range offers products made of environmentally profiled materials that satisfy the altogether higher demands for renewable, recycled or compostable materials. There is a high pace of innovation and several solutions and new materials are regularly being added to the product line. This generates an added value which is appreciated by the customers.

Customized products were also a major focus during 2016. The concept is based on developing unique customer-specific products, that are of high quality in terms of both design and function. The end results are appreciated and generate several positive effects. Close communication and attentiveness strengthen customer relationships, and therefore create lasting relations.


A changing market gives rise to new opportunities. Among other things, this occurs when the older generation is more demanding when it comes to food and service. It is clear that there is a great need for new serving products which make the eating experience pleasurable. Duni’s Duniform® concept meets this need. During the year, the range has been revised and the work has resulted in a number of new products that are ready for launch.

There are high-growth targets for 2017 and great potential. The new customer strategy will lead to further innovations and smart products with a high environmental profile. This is important in order for Duni to further strengthen its market position.

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