Table Top business area


High precision offerings are created by developing close relations with end customers.

Business area strategy in brief:

  • Leader within the premium segment

  • Growth through geographic expansion focused on increased market shares in Southern and Eastern Europe, as well as the UK

  • Attentiveness to trends on the HoReCa market in order to formulate the right type of offerings

Business area Table Top offers a wide range of, primarily, napkins, tablecoverings and candles. Customers are typically restaurants, hotels and catering firms. Sales take place both through wholesalers and directly to end customers. Duni is the leading producer in Europe, with the Nordic region and Germany as its main markets.


The trend towards a growing number of fast casual chains, offering a somewhat higher quality of take-away food, is continuing. At the same time, table settings are changing. Generally, fewer articles are being used and table setting is taking place quickly. Duni is meeting the needs through flexible solutions that provide added value for the customer.

During the year, the highest growth on the HoReCa market was recorded in Southern and Eastern Europe, with Italy, Spain and Poland taking the lead. On the other hand, Sweden, Germany and France are more mature markets with a lower rate of growth. Demand within hotel and catering is generally strong, while the traditional restaurant sector has retreated somewhat in most countries. The business area saw a weaker sales development at the start of 2016, which subsequently stabilized during the second half of the year. The year as a whole ended with a sales increase of 1.5% at fixed exchange rates.


In recent years, competition has increased on our main market, Germany, where Duni is also market leader. In order to generate increased growth, the business area has revised the organizational structure and implemented a more efficient approach to interacting with the customer base. Among other things, this has resulted in closer dialogue with the end customers, leading to greater possibilities in anticipating changes in demand. It has thereby been possible to optimize offerings and campaigns. It has become clear that customers are demanding good service to an even greater extent than previously. More exacting demands for an ever higher pace of innovation in terms of new products are also tangible. As a consequence, additional investments have been made in both marketing and sales during the year.


“We have invested in a greater understanding of customer needs. Together with new methods for identifying and meeting the end customer, growth is created in the right segments.”

Robert Dackeskog, Director Business Area Table Top


Napkins remain the business area’s most important product group. In order to entrench and strengthen our position as market leader, it is important to regularly work on launching new products and materials. Duni has long focused on the development of environmentally conscious materials, and in so doing has become an appreciated supplier. The unicolor napkin range is one of the largest in the industry; the fact that it is compostable is also a major advantage. More than 90% of the product range is certified through FSC® as sustainably forested. Soft paper napkins and stearine candles also carry the Svanen® environmental certification mark.


One of Duni’s strengths lies in having a broad product range capable of satisfying different customers and demands. During the year, several successful collections were launched. Placemats made of fashionable recycled leather and a finger food concept are among the new products that were well received and make it easier for restaurants to be flexible in their own offerings. In addition, Duni’s range of LED lights for indoor and outdoor use continues to grow in popularity. The added value lies in offering both superior design and functionality.

Restaurants also profile themselves through customized table top articles. Duni has a broad offering within profile print, a category that has grown significantly in recent years and has potential to become even larger.

In 2017, the customer contacts will be developed further. Through a more focused dialogue with end customers within selected customer categories, Duni is continuing to create Goodfoodmood® where people come together to enjoy food and drink.

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