Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB


New investments have strengthened Rexcell’s position within the production of material for the set table.

Duni’s wholly-owned subsidiary Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB is located in Skåpafors, Dalsland. The paper material is produced here, and subsequently converted into napkins and table coverings at the plants in Poland and Germany. The company has a long history as a paper mill, stretching back to 1874. Today, in addition to tissue, the mill also produces airlaid material for the premium market.

Duni differs from many other companies in the industry by being vertically integrated. This means full ownership throughout the chain, from material production to conversion and distribution.


In 2015, as the first tissue manufacturer in Europe, Duni decided to invest SEK 110 m in new technology. Actual implementation took place in 2016 and resulted in a significant upgrade of the tissue machinery in Skåpafors. The new technology will generate significant savings in resource utilization and energy and water use. Capacity has also increased appreciably.
As a result, Rexcell now has a plant that, of its type, is unique in the world. This creates excellent conditions for Duni to continue to lead the development of materials on the market, always with the aim of providing the customers with what they want.


“We are continuing to develop a modern paper mill which will last into the future. By investing in both organizational development and machinery, we are creating the high quality material that is sought by our customers.”

Thomas Lööb, Director Corporate Development


During the past few years, Rexcell has undergone consolidation and restructuring. The changes have resulted in two plants becoming one. The airlaid material that was previously produced at the plant in Dals Långed has been relocated to the plant in Skåpafors. The move, which was completed during the year, has resulted in the desired effects. Through fine teamwork, the employees from both plants have created a positive result.


Duni’s ambition is to operate a modern, cutting-edge paper mill. Consequently, the organizational structure and work methods have been revised.

During the year, focused work has taken place on creating a more process-oriented organization. An internal management program, together with employee performance and development interviews with all personnel, has laid the groundwork for the continued development. A new, more decentralized management structure has also been implemented. As result, all employees have obtained greater insight into how the different functions can contribute to an improved end product, which has also resulted in increased job satisfaction.

All in all, the measures are important in order for Rexcell to be viewed as an attractive employer in Dalsland and are crucial for enabling Duni to take full advantage of its position as a vertically integrated company.


A material known for its moisture distribution, absorption capability and softness. Airlaid is used for tablecoverings, placemats and napkins.