The Duni brand


With Goodfoodmood®, Duni’s brand is distinguishable and appears in the right context.

It is important to have a carefully considered and relevant platform for communication. Consequently, when Duni reviewed its brand platform two years ago the work resulted in the “Supplier of Goodfoodmood®” concept, which is aimed at expressing the essence of Duni. The new brand pays homage to food, people and design.

General interest in food has never been greater. Travel, TV programs and different social media are filled with myriad of culinary experiences. Food inspires people to meet, provides an occasion to converse, and creates the desire to decorate. The addition of Goodfoodmood® where people come together to eat is thus the factor that is driving Duni forward in all aspects. In this way, Duni’s brand platform serves as a lodestar and provides guidelines for all initiatives taken.


During the year, a number of projects have been carried out that have positioned Duni even more clearly towards food, people and design. New brand ambassadors have also added value and contributed to conveying the message to a wider public.

One of the projects attracting the greatest attention during the year was “Streetfood by Duni” – a concept in which both customers and the general public could participate at special sponsoring events. A vegetarian menu was devised and served from a mobile food truck together with products from Duni’s ecoecho® range. The food consisted entirely of ecological and locally grown ingredients. In addition, demonstrations were given of how the products and food could be composted. By demonstrating the entire process, from table to earth, the cycle was clarified, together with the role of compostable products in that cycle. Titti Qvarnström, the Michelin Star chef, left her mark on the concept. Since she had been appointed ambassador for Duni’s environmentally profiled ecoecho® range earlier in the year, she was commissioned to devise the menu.


“Duni’s brand is the compass that points us in the right direction. Goodfoodmood® creates involvement in the food experience and gives relevance and a long-term perspective to everything we do.”

Saloni Deva, IR & Communications Manager


The next cooperation project involved the chef Alexander Sjögren, who represented Sweden in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or gastronomic competition. Duni was one of the sponsors, who supported Alexander in his goal of winning the finest title in the gastronomic world. In addition to being present during the various stages of the competition, Duni also leveraged on Alexander’s eye for design. Together with Duni, he created a pattern based on his favorite ingredient – the lemon. The result was a tasteful depiction of the yellow fruit, which has subsequently been printed on a white napkin. The final version has become an appreciated design product that is distributed on special occasions.

2017 saw the launch of several projects that point Duni in the right direction from a brand perspective. Food, people and design are the starting point for all activities. In this way, Duni creates Goodfoodmood® .


During the year, Duni launched its very own streetfood concept. A specially devised vegetarian and ecological menu was served from a food truck together with products from Duni’s ecoecho® range.