How to use Duni’s online annual report

You can navigate in Duni’s annual report by clicking on “Content”, which you find in the top left-hand corner. The annual report is divided into various subject areas (“chapters”) such as “This is Duni”, “Business areas” or ” Directors’ report”. You can switch among the subjects by clicking on the right or left tabs in the red square.

When you click on one of the headings, a new tab appears entitled “Overview”. This provides you with a quick overview of the pages included in the chapter. You can also  skim through the pages in each chapter using the tabs to the right and left in the browser. To reach to a new chapter, return to “Content”.

To read the texts, scroll using either the web browser or your mouse scroll wheel. If you find it difficult to read the text, you can zoom in by keeping the Ctrl-key depressed and clicking on + or -. Alternatively, you can use the mouse scroll wheel if available.

To print to a printer, use the printer function of your browser. The content of the page is printed out without menus, etc. in an easy to read format.