Even though HR is an acronym for Human Resources, it also represents good relationships.

Without good relationships between the employees, it is harder to achieve business goals. Each employee should grow and develop in relation to their individual circumstances and their specific situation, but always in symbiosis with the rest of the team, within the department, and within the Company as a whole. This is both a cultural matter and an insight, where Duni’s HR should consistently work to acheive Duni’s goals in its Business Areas, thus being both business-driven and business-minded.


The work within HR is directly tied to the needs of Duni’s business areas, and has a strong link to adopted strategies and set goals. At the end of each year, each business area conducts a review of what they need to do to achieve their budget and other goals – a process that each local HR department is responsible for out in the organizations. The input this provides then guides work with training, development and other supporting activities intended to enable the organization as a whole to work well in all aspects. In this manner, HR’s work is closely linked to the business and the goals of the business areas also become the goals of HR.


“Our HR work aims to ensure we have a sustainable organization where both the employees and the company can grow.”

Sofie Lindström, HR Director


The basis for employee development is formulated in a well-defined plan – Dunited. It was created to ensure a sustainable organization, while being a tool for vitalizing and creating dynamics in the Company’s operations. Dunited is a process that makes HR work clearer and makes it possible to measure and monitor the results. Within Dunited, there are programs like Duni Academy focused on leadership development, mentorship programs and other collaborative forums.


Good leadership is based on inspiration, clarity and the ability to coach employees so that the right person is paired with the right position in the Company. It requires the presence of a good manager who creates clear succession plans in a nurturing environment so that future managers can be identified early-on and grow within the organization. Recruitment work is conducted at a global level, where all employees are given the chance to change work tasks, change organization, or even change country. As part of this, open positions are always published internally before being advertised externally. It is necessary to mix things up, be open and welcome people who contribute to and enrich the culture. The right person in the right place is the idea behind our HR work. Internal recruitment, employee performance interviews and open discussions in the management teams are three routes to achieving this.


During the year, work with the various components of Dunited was intensified and the content refined. Since people, the organization and society change, it is an ongoing process. It is especially interesting to see the young generation ask about the Company’s environmental profile when discussing potential employment. It shows insight and how important the Company’s purpose is to them. This approach fits in well at Duni since focus on sustainability issues is growing within our operations.


  • As of December 31, 2017, Duni had 2,437 (2,375) employees, equivalent to 2,362 (2,279) full-time positions.
  • The blue collar employees work within logistics, manufacturing and maintenance. Most blue collar employees (76.6%) work within manufacturing and maintenance at the plants in Skåpafors in Sweden, Bramsche and Wolkenstein in Germany, Poznan in Poland, Bangkok in Thailand, and Auckland in New Zealand. 32.8% of blue collar employees in Germany work within logistics at the international distribution center in Bramsche. 51.9% of white collar employees work within sales. The remaining white collar personnel work within business support involving accounts, marketing, planning, purchasing and IT, primarily in Sweden, Germany and Poland.
  • Duni’s employees belong to different labor unions, depending on their position and country of employment. The employees are organized in a European Workers Council. Duni enjoys good relations with the labor unions, and personnel turnover for the Group as a whole is relatively low.


Country Blue collar employees White collar staff Total
Sweden 153 186 339
Germany 756 352 1 108
Poland 347 134 481
Thailand 95 33 128
Netherlands 0 56 56
New Zealand 31 9 40
France 0 37 37
UK 0 19 19
Other 14 140 154
Total 1 396 966 2 362


2017 2 412
2016 2 212
2015 2 174
2014 2 184
2013 1 902

Duni has four core values that permeate the Company and its operations:

Open Mind

We trust and empower our colleagues. We have the courage to change. We listen, learn, and share.


We keep our promises and are committed to delivering results. We dare to try. We create value for our stakeholders while respecting sustainable development.

Added Value

We put our customers first. Speed is of the essence and we cross borders to find the solution. Innovation and quality are part of our mindset.

Will to Win

We are always one step ahead. We seek opportunities and take action. We celebrate success.