Good Relationships are crucial to ensuring that an organization and its employees are able to work together efficiently and achieve the shared goals. At Duni, building good relationships is part of a business-driven and business-minded approach. It should permeate operations internally between employees, globally between Duni’s various companies and units, and in the cooperation between suppliers and customers. Good Relationships are part of our culture and make the Company stronger and more credible in its contact with the outside world.



Duni is a global company with 2,400 employees in 23 countries and sales in over 40 markets. The basis for employee development is formulated in a well-defined plan – Dunited. Its overarching goal is to ensure a sustainable organization, while being a tool for vitalizing and creating dynamics in the Company’s operations. Within Dunited, there are outstanding programs like Duni Academy with leadership development, mentorship programs and other forums for finding routes to cooperation and building good relationships.



When Duni acquires a company, like Sharp Serviettes in New Zealand in 2017, it opens up new opportunities for cooperation and exchange of experience. It is a process where employees from CSR and Operations work actively to facilitate cooperation. The process is initiated in part before a planned acquisition with a company inspection. However, the majority of the process takes place after the acquisition, where initiatives for the new company can consist of everything from IT and production support to communication of Duni’s values and code of conduct. A global shared view and good relationships are crucial to ensuring good cooperation and positive development for all parties.



In order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the market, Duni has implemented a series of measures in recent years to become a more customer-oriented company. The foundation is the comprehensive Goodfoodmood® platform, which both guides and positions Duni’s product and concept development toward food, people and design. The work has resulted in a more focused customer segmentation within Duni’s various business areas, while shifting responsibility outward in the organization and closer to the customers. Deeper customer insight and good relationships enable Duni to provide a more precise and customized offering.



Duni has a well-developed Code of Conduct, both for its own operations and for external suppliers. The latter is particularly important since Duni is a global company with operations in 23 countries, and with the purchase of raw materials and products from external suppliers. The Code of Conduct is part of our CSR program, known as Our Blue Mission. Many appreciate the support Duni provides to ensure operations are conducted sustainably and with a good work environment. Good dialog also builds better relationships with the suppliers, which facilitates the joint work, making it simpler and more efficient.