Note 1 – General information

Duni AB and its subsidiaries operate internationally and are leaders within attractive, quality table setting products and concepts and packaging for take-aways. The Group develops, manufactures and sells functional and attractive concepts and products for the serving and packaging of meals. The Group enjoys a leading position thanks to a combination of high quality, established customer relations, a well-reputed brand, and a strong local presence in Europe.

The Parent Company is a registered limited company with its registered office in Malmö. The address of the head office is Box 237, 201 22 Malmö, Sweden, and the website is Duni is listed on NASDAQ in Stockholm under the ticker name “DUNI”.

On March 21, 2018, the Board of Directors approved this annual report for publication. The annual report may be changed by the Company’s owners after approval by the Board.

The hygiene products business that was discounted during the year has been removed from the consolidated income statements, including for the comparison years, and is now reported under discontinued operations on a line after net income for the year.

Unless otherwise specifically stated, all amounts are reported in million kronor (SEK m) and relate to the January 1–December 31 period with respect to income statement items and December 31 with respect to balance sheet items. Information in brackets relates to the preceding financial year, i.e. 1/1/2016–12/31/2016.