A material known for its wetness allocation, absorption capability and softness. The process is based on using air to divide the fibers in the material, instead of water as in traditional tissue production. Airlaid is used for table covers, placemats and napkins.

Duni Amuse-bouche® is a series of transparent miniature dishes that are perfect for appetizers and desserts.

Bagasse is a waste product from cane sugar processing after the sugar has been extracted. The material is 100% biologically degradable. Bagasse is used primarily in Duni’s meal packaging solutions and serving products such as plates, bowls and take-away boxes.

BRC and IFS are management systems for hygiene and food safety. The units in Bramsche and Poznan are BRC-certified. The unit in Wolkenstein is IFS-certified.

Hypermarkets at which commercial customers personally collect their goods.

One of Duni’s four business areas – sales primarily to the retail trade.

To tailor-make solutions for specific customers so they reinforce the customer’s own concept and brand.

Designs for Duni®
A unique concept whereby Duni develops special design products in collaboration with well-known designers.

Dunicel is a table cover based on a unique material with a fall similar to cloth. Thanks to a special production method, the feel is entirely different from ordinary paper table covers.

Duniform is a system for food distribution and covers everything from packaging machines to heat maintenance bags.

Duniletto is a premium napkin and cutlery bag in one.

Dunilin feels and folds like linen and is used for the most luxurious napkins. A unique material with a woven effect to look like linen, but is based on paper pulp. Dunilin combines strength with high absorption capability and is perfect for napkin folding.

Dunisilk is a wipeable material and can also be used outdoors. Is available as slipcovers, tête-à-têtes and ordinary table covers.

Ecoecho is a range for serving and meal solutions products with sound environmental characteristics. This range uses the best available materials with the aim of limiting the use of non-renewable resources, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. The products have been developed with the environment in mind and have been selected on the ground that they possess one or more environmentally improved characteristics.

Ecoecho® bioplastic
A bio-based material that functionally provides the same advantages as traditional polypropylene (PP), at the same time as being recyclable as ordinary plastic.

Duni Elegance® is a linen-like exclusive napkin. It is twice as heavy as a high quality paper napkin, has an appealing structure, linen-like embossment and high absorption capability.

Evolin is a new, revolutionary table cover material that combines the look and feel of textile and linen table covers with the advantages of the single-use product. It is a hybrid material based on cellulose fiber and produced with a patented process.

Abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council, an independent membership organization that certifies forest management regarding social responsibility, environmental sustainability and economic viability.

Duni’s brand platform to create a convivial atmosphere and positive mood on all occasions when Food & Drink are prepared and served – a Goodfoodmood.

Acronym for Hotel, Restaurant and Catering.

ISO 14001
ISO 14001 is the only international standard for environmental management systems and has been chosen as a standard within Duni. The units in Bramsche, Wolkenstein, Poznan, and Skåpafors are ISO 14001-certified.

ISO 26000
ISO 26000 is an international standard that defines corporate social responsibility.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management. The units in Bramsche, Wolkenstein, Poznan, and Skåpafors are ISO 9001-certified.

Key account management
Key account management ensures long-term and profitable relations with the most important customers.

The production phase in which tissue and airlaid in large rolls are cut, pressed, embossed and folded into finished napkins and table covers.

Continuing operations
The hygiene products business within Materials & Services, which was discontinued at the beginning of 2015, has been removed from the comparison years and is reported as discontinued operations on a line after net income for the year for continuing operations.

Life cycle management
New and existing products are evaluated based on criteria for stock-keeping, turnover, and profitability.

Meal Service
One of Duni’s four business areas – sales to companies operating within restaurants, catering or food production.

Duni assists store owners in filling the shelves, building displays and dealing with sales campaigns and offers.

New Markets
One of Duni’s four business areas – sales to hotels, restaurants, catering firms and the retail trade in markets outside Europe.

OK Compost
The OK Compost® label means that Duni has the world’s first and largest range of compostable single-color napkins.

Organic growth
Growth excluding currency and structural effects. Acquired companies are included in organic growth when they have been a part of the Duni Group for eight quarters.

Our Blue Mission
Duni’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work is governed by the Our Blue Mission program. It describes how Duni shall exercise social responsibility within a number of areas such as the environment, product safety, social responsibility, social rights and business ethics.

Private label
Products marketed under customer’s own label.

REACH is an acronym for Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. It constitutes chemicals legislation throughout the European Union (EEA countries) and entered into force on June 1, 2007.

Duni Sacchetto® is a paper cutlery pocket with space for a napkin.

Sensia table runners fall beautifully over the table, soften the edges and, thanks to their embossed structure, create a 3D-effect.

Table Top
One of Duni’s four business areas – sales to hotels, restaurants, catering firms and wholesalers.

Table cover roll, 40 cm in width, with perforation; can be used as table runner, placemat or placed across the table.