Consumer business area

A sustainable offering suited to consumers

The Consumer business area markets napkins, table covers, serving items, candles and other table top accessories via the grocery and retail sectors. Sales are both under Duni’s own brand and under private labels. The wholly-owned Germany company Paper+Design is a part of the business area.


Net sales amounted to SEK 1,061 m


Operating income was SEK 42 m (57).

4.0 %

The operating margin was 4.0% (5.6%).


“Duni is a market leader in the retail sector and must be available in all channels where customers seek information. It should be easy to find information about our product offering and associated services, and about our values on environmental issues.”

Anna Lundqvist, Director Business Area Consumer

Net sales and operating income, SEK m
Net sales by product group, %
Net sales per geographic region, %

Plastic products being phased out

Plastic has traditionally played a significant role in the business area’s assortment. A decision was made to phase out all single-use products based on fossil raw materials that are delivered to the retail sector by 2020. They will be replaced with environmentally sound alternatives.

Increased focus on sustainable assortment

Sustainable products will gain in importance as plastic is phased out. The single-use products in the Amazonica collection are an example of environmental awareness combined with outstanding design. The collection was launched in collaboration with design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg. Amazonica contains stylish plates and bowls made of bagasse and cutlery made of CPLA, plant-based and biodegradable materials. The range also includes napkins made of FSC-certified and compostable biomaterials.

Consumer customer segments

  • Grocery sector
  • Retail outlets

Labeling helps customers make right choice

Duni’s clear labeling helps customers choose eco-profiled products. Duni’s logo is now green on these products and graphic symbols clearly show which of Duni’s products are based on sustainable materials. Other symbols show certification and if the product is home compostable.

Paper+Design strengthens its position

German Paper+Design is part of the Consumer business area. Increased collaboration has resulted in a stronger position in the key German market. Paper+Design is now launching a new brand platform in line with Duni’s Goodfoodmood® that enhances the company’s already strong focus on napkin design.

Strengthening customer brands

Duni offers a private label solution where the company’s products are marketed under its customers’ brands. This enables the customer to effectively build its brand and profile with a quality assortment for the set table and design tailored to the target group. This business model of customer-specific solutions makes a Duni a superior business partner.

New digitalization projects

As the grocery and retail sector becomes increasingly digitalized, Duni is sharpening its focus on this area to offer customers relevant services. Duni has initiated a project to create a better and more integrated digital platform that aims to add value for customers.