Meal Service business area

Leader in sustainable packaging

The Meal Service business area develops serving and packaging concepts for meals that suit a modern, on-the-go lifestyle, such as take-away, catering, and fresh ready-to-eat food in grocery stores, food trucks and market halls.


Net sales amounted to SEK 846 m (704).


Operating income was SEK 41 m (31).

4.9 %

The operating margin was 4.9% (4.4%).


“Our customers seek inspiration on how they can build their brands and their concepts with attractive packaging for food and beverages. We can guide, train and help them make smart and sustainable choices that enhance the end user’s experience.”

Linus Lemark, Director Business Area Meal Service

On January 15, 2019, Duni announced that Linus Lemark was appointed Table Top Business Area Director.
Franck Bancarel has been appointed the new Meal Service Business Area Director effective March 2019.

Net sales and operating income, SEK m
Net sales by product group, %
Net sales per geographic region, %

Driving sustainable product sales

Media coverage of how plastic is polluting the world’s oceans has contributed to end-user demand for renewable products and plastic alternatives are continuing to grow. The Meal Service business area has actively worked to develop sustainable solutions based on a clear vision of being our customers’ most attractive sustainable supplier. This has led to a substantial increase in sales in Duni’s ecoecho® range. As of 2018, all new products and innovations in Meal Service are in the ecoecho® range.

Meal Service customer segments

    • Cafes
    • Events and catering
    • Fast food
    • Public sector
    • Take-away

Efficient purchases

Cost savings in the value chain are crucial to Meal Service’s ability to offer its customers quality products at a good price. As a result, the business area’s dedicated buyers work to get the best possible price on innovative materials.

Perfect solution for take-away

Take-away packaging can be practical, stylish, eco-profiled and safe all at once, which is proven by Duni’s Duniform® concept. With the new Duniform© DF5, it’s easy to seal crystal-clear ecoecho® glasses made of rPET – quickly, hygienically and without leakage. This is a cost-effective solution for businesses where a fast customer flow is important.

Bagasse leading the fiber revolution

The byproduct Bagasse is perfect for sustainable coffee cups, salad boxes and plates in the ecoecho® range where it replaces plastic and wood fibers. The material is superior to wood fibers in the production of shaped bowls. In 2018, Duni launched Octabagasse – an update of the Company’s popular Octaview® now made of bagasse.

Acquisition gives sustainable packaging a boost

The acquisition of Biopac UK Ltd. strengthens Duni’s range of sustainable disposable packaging for food and beverages in the UK. The company’s packaging is well suited for customization according to customers’ branding and Biopac is growing strongly in its home market.

Customer-specific solutions popular

More and more customers are requesting customized products. These products give them the ability to strengthen their brands by printing their logo on coffee cups or embossing it on packaging. However, the only limit is your imagination. Duni helps customers design creative solutions.