Table Top business area

Customer-specific and eco-profiled solutions

Table Top is Duni’s largest business area with 51 percent of the Group’s net sales. Duni is the European market leader in products for the set table. The business area’s sales take place through distributors, wholesalers and directly to end customers.


Net sales amounted to SEK 2,486 m


Operating income was SEK 330 m (375).

13.3 %

The operating margin was 13.3 % (16.0 %).


“We should inspire, be relevant and create customer value every day. Duni should be a strong partner that adds value by helping customers develop their business.”

Robert Dackeskog, Director Business Area Table Top

On January 15, 2019, Duni announced that Robert Dackeskog was resigning his post.
Linus Lemark was simultaneously appointed as the new Table Top Business Area Director.

Net sales and operating income, SEK m
Net sales by product group, %
Net sales per geographic region, %

TABLE TOP customer segments

  • Events and catering
  • Full service restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Public sector
  • Companies

Focus on the customer

A strong customer focus based on excellent knowledge of trends and customer needs is now crucial to our success. This requires close collaboration, both within Duni and throughout the value chain. It is absolutely critical that we strengthen customer relationships through trust-building collaborations that add clear value for the customer.

Strengthening customer brands

More and more restaurants are actively working to build their brands and want to use table top products such as plates, napkins and table covers in their branding efforts. Duni can offer several concepts that help customers strengthen their brands and demand for these services is rising steadily.

Like candles, but without the risk

Duni’s innovative assortment of LED lights has the feel of real candles, but they are fire-proof and cost 80 percent less than tealights. The rechargeable lights are available for use both indoors and outdoors. They have a long burn time and can be controlled by remote control.

GO JOY WOW Meet customer needs

Duni’s GO JOY WOW assortment platform makes it easy for customers to find napkins and table covers with the right feel for specific occasions. GO is the simple and reliable option at a low cost but still high quality. JOY stands for stylish and modern solutions. WOW stands for sophisticated and luxurious products for special occasions.

GO JOY WOW has led to an increase in sales of table covers in the linen-like Evolin® material. It’s now easier for customers to identify the premium value Evolin® stands for. The Dunilin® napkins, an eco-profiled material with a soft linen feel, is a good complement to the table covers of the WOW offering.

Increased focus on table hygiene

Table surfaces in public places such as restaurants and cafés can often be difficult to keep clean. Duni works with international hygiene and health experts to investigate the need for table cloths and napkins in contexts where food is served. The goal is to meet the consumers’ demands for hygiene and allergens. Duni also participates in a project spanning five European countries where this issue is advanced.

The demand for environmentally sustainable solutions is increasingly gaining strength, as are solutions that close the loop. Duni continuously works to develop new, environmentally responsible materials as part of its ecoecho® range. Most Table Top products can already be recycled or composted.

Increase in Southern and Eastern Europe

In 2018, tourism increased in Southern and Eastern Europe, which also resulted in gains for the restaurant sector. This had a direct positive impact on the business unit’s sales, and it was able to increase its market share in this part of Europe.