Sustainable solutions gaining in importance

Duni is strengthening its strategic corporate social responsibility efforts. Especially in terms of environmental efforts, which are becoming increasingly business-critical. Duni takes responsibility for being a part of the solution instead of the problem.


“Society is currently making a concerted effort to increase recycling and protection of the environment. Most people want to contribute to reducing environmental impact these days. Today’s challenges require new solutions and partnerships, and our customers want help choosing environmentally sound solutions for their business.”

Elisabeth Gierow, Corporate CSR & Quality Director

Duni’s 2025 CSR strategy

Society faces many climate and environmental challenges. Collaboration in the value chain needs to be strengthened significantly for purposes such as preventing littering, producing new sustainable materials and increasing the recycling of single-use products. Duni has come a long way in its environmental efforts, with eco-profiled products and external ecolabels serving as shining examples. Duni’s new CSR strategy takes these efforts a step further.

The best partner for sustainable solutions

In line with its 2019–2025 CSR targets, Duni is working on several fronts to offer a broad, environmentally sound assortment.

  • Duni will offer green products for every Goodfoodmood® occasion, resulting in an increase in bio-based, biodegradable products in its product range. At the same time, Duni is beginning to phase out fossil-based plastics.
  • A closed loop will become increasingly important, and Duni is looking for solutions to recycle products. The company works with other organizations in these efforts, such as increased recycling of take-away products.
  • Partnerships for sustainability are becoming increasingly important for tackling environmental challenges. For example, Duni collaborates with other organizations to prevent littering.
  • The Duni Way, our way of doing business, summarizes how Duni develops its strategy to contribute to engaged and secure employees. This includes increased internal collaboration and a corporate culture founded on strong, common core values.
  • Our Blue Mission – Duni’s CSR program – describes the integrated, constant efforts we pursue for corporate social responsibility and resource efficiency. This involves taking social responsibility and promoting sustainable development in environmental, economic and social terms.

Read more about Duni’s sustainability efforts in its CSR report, Our Blue Mission 2018

Take-away of the future

Plastic is high on the environmental agenda. Duni supports the European Commission’s proposal to create an extensive regulatory framework for preventing the negative environmental impact of plastic. Market demand for Duni’s eco-profiled assortment increased significantly in 2018, and Duni continues to develop sustainable, plastic-free alternatives to products such as straws, cutlery, plates and bowls. Duni is taking the lead in the transition to environmentally sound, fiber-based products that represent the future of take-away.

Compostable napkins on the rise

Market demand for compostable alternatives is increasingly gaining strength. Compostable items in Duni’s assortment are tested and certified for industrial or home composting. Duni’s soft paper napkins (tissues) have been approved for home composting since 2018.

Partnerships drive environmental issues

Ongoing partnerships are required at all levels and with various entities to solve contemporary environmental challenges. Duni is a part of the Håll Havet Rent (Keep the oceans clean) network, which works to reduce littering in our oceans, and also partners with RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden to increase recycling of take-away packaging. Other ongoing partnerships include organizations such as Packbridge (sustainable packaging) and Paper Province (paper manufacturing). Duni also participates in the development of standards for recycling marking.

cups of bagasse

Ecoecho® Sweet compostable coffee cups made of bagasse and paper were launched in 2018 under the “Love your city” theme. These environmentally sound disposable cups are available in a variety of sizes for both warm and cold beverages and are well suited for branding prints. They can be combined with lids made of compostable CPLA.

Sustainable products lead the way

The products in Duni’s environmentally sound ecoecho® assortment are made of fiber-based, plastic-free materials such as bagasse, compostable bioplastic and recycled plastic. The Ecoecho® product range has experienced strong growth and now accounts for 20 percent of Duni’s take-away assortment. Duni’s environmental profile was further strengthened by the acquisitions it made in 2018, as both BioPak in Australia and Biopac in the UK are companies with a focus on environmentally-sound take-away packaging.

Duni and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Both now and in the future, the UN’s 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals aim to combat poverty, protect our planet and ensure that everyone can experience peace and prosperity. Duni works toward all 17 goals, but the following are the most important:


Decent Work and Economic Growth


Sustainable Consumption and Production


Fight Climate Change


Oceans and Marine resources


Ecosystems and Biological Diversity

Read more about the Sustainable Development Goals at sustainabledevelopment.un.org