Customer experience & communication, business development

The customer’s needs always front and center

Customer customization is one of the cornerstones of Duni’s new strategy. Being able to create a positive customer experience and to offer relevant services and products during each step of the customer journey are crucial to the company’s success. Duni has several initiatives in the works for the coming years that will lead to better customer adaption.


“This is where the customer experiences us as a brand and company that adds value and increases sales. We are now creating a map for the future that we will test in 2019. By picking up on trends and understanding where the market is heading, we can strengthen our customer focus.”

Marielle Noble, Communications & Customer Experience Director

A more customer-oriented organization

For Duni to be able to deliver value-added solutions in the future, the company must get to know its customers better and understand their various needs during the customer journey. Our efforts to become a more customer-oriented organization include strengthening our brand and focusing more strongly on business development. The customer journey also represents themes in Duni’s annual reports for three years: Explore, 2018, Experience, 2019 and Expand, 2020.

Digitalization adds value for customers

Duni has initiated efforts to create a better and more integrated digital platform that will add value for customers. In 2019, the first version will be tested in a select country to obtain direct feedback that Duni can then build on.

Sustainable innovation key to success

Demand for various services in the grocery and retail sector continues to rise. As a result, Duni is investing in developing an offering that strengthens customer engagement and interest. In 2018, Duni hired a new innovation and business development director (see interview). Duni is now building a platform for innovation where the company can develop new concepts and services in areas such as the environment. Part of these efforts will also include how to develop collaboration internally as well as with external partners to strengthen Duni’s innovation.

Goodfoodmood 2.0 – brand development

The Duni brand stands for food, people and design, which is expressed in the brand platform Goodfoodmood®. Duni products will contribute to an elevated meal experience and pleasant interaction between people, no matter where, how or when the meal is served. Feelings, interactions and relationships are crucial to the brand. Goodfoodmood is a common denominator in Duni’s business: from product and concept development to purchases of environmentally sound materials. This is the starting point for enabling Duni to offer relevant customer offerings with clear business benefit. To further strengthen the brand, Duni has initiated efforts to review how the current platform can also reflect the crucial efforts being pursued in relation to sustainability.

New intranet strengthens collaboration

Duni has launched a new intranet to strengthen collaboration within the organization. This increases opportunities to share ideas and experiences across unit borders and reflects a stronger focus on internal communications and engagement.


“Duni’s strength is that we are responsive to the market. Understanding our customers’ needs on a profound level is absolutely critical in our efforts to build long-term relationships together. We are inspired by the curiosity of our customers and this drives us to constantly change and improve.”

Magnus Carlsson, Director Corporate Development

Value-based pricing improves profitability

Value-based pricing has been identified as a key area for Duni to secure and improve its future profitability. A new initiative will improve Duni’s ability to employ value-​based pricing in its offer to customers, but will also improve how Duni positions and directs its offer based on what the customers are willing to pay. For the internal organization, the initiative will result in improved processes and a clearer focus on customer value.

Acquisitions create growth

The market of Asia and Oceania is exhibiting strong growth and has been a prioritized growth region for Duni since 2013. The strategy has been to acquire companies with experience and knowledge of the market, and with contacts in the channels with which Duni needs to establish a deeper cooperation. Previous acquisitions in Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand are now followed by the strategically important acquisition of BioPak Pty Ltd in Australia. The company’s environmentally sound food and beverage packaging opens the door to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Increased efficiency in the value chain

Duni is starting a new initiative to strengthen the company’s ability to meet the constantly growing demands for customer-specific products. The initiative will cover the entire value chain for Duni’s products and will facilitate understanding of cost-driving factors. This in turn will lead to better control over complexity and a more relevant offering to the market.