Financial targets

Financial targets

Sales growth


Duni’s target is to achieve average organic growth in sales in excess of 5% per year over a business cycle. In addition, Duni regularly assesses acquisition opportunities in order to access new growth markets or strengthen its position in existing markets.

2018 target attainment

The currency-adjusted organic growth was 1.5 %. It is believed that the market as a whole grew on average by approximately 1%.



Duni’s target is an operating margin of 10% or more. Profitability is to be increased through sales growth, continued focus on premium products and continued improvements within purchasing and production.

2018 target attainment

The operating margin was 8.7%. As a result of the substantial increases in input material prices, the financial target of an operating margin over 10% could not be achieved.



It is the Board of Directors’ long-term intention for dividends to amount to at least 40% of income after tax.

2018 target attainment

In spite of restructuring costs, investments and major acquisitions in 2018, Duni has a financial position that allows for a dividend in line with the previous year. The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 5.00 per share, i.e. it is proposed that the dividend for 2018 shall equal 96% of income after tax.


“Good finances are a necessary platform for Duni’s continuing growth. Satisfied customers are a fundamental part of our new strategy and an essential requirement for our profitability in the long term.”

Mats Lindroth, Chief Financial Officer