They deliver what’s good

Holy Greens is a fast-food chain invested in healthy and sustainable products, in harmony with people and nature. It was selected as the winner of the Swedish Health Restaurant of the Year award (Årets Hälsokrog) in 2018 and the company plans to continue expanding. Duni delivers eco-profiled salad bowls and lids, but their collaboration runs much deeper than that.

Holy Greens

Founded in: 2013
Headquarters: Malmö, Sweden
Business: sells salads, juices
and health shots

Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg
Number of employees: more than 150

Why are some companies successful and not others? Timing naturally plays a big part. Being on the money with macrotrends and delivering just what the market or a customer segment wants at a given time.

But that’s not enough. The successful company must also have a deep-rooted commitment and belief in what it is doing. And a willingness to pull up your sleeves and put in all the time and hard work required to make a company take off.

The Swedish restaurant chain Holy Greens is a shining example of this. The company was founded in 2013 and is now present in Helsingborg, Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. And its expansion has only just begun.


In 2018, Holy Greens won the DI Gasell award and was named Årets Hälsokrog at the Restaurant Gala on the following basis: “Expansion of high-class salad bars across the country makes it simple for many people to choose healthy food quickly and easily. Seasonal raw materials and salads that hit the spot in terms of flavor suited to guests on the go or those who wish to sit down.”

Founders David Egonson and Nebo Pavicevic had a clear vision of what they wanted to do right from the start. Holy Greens would offer “a good and quick lunch that is equally friendly to our bodies as it is to nature and our suppliers”. Their concept spans everything from raw material and supplier choices to how to ensure a positive customer experience as well as the company’s approach to issues such as diversity.

Holy Greens focuses on locally produced, organic and, to the greatest extent possible, sustainable solutions, and works hard to find the right suppliers. This applies not only to raw materials used as ingredients for food but also to the packaging the food is served in.

Regardless whether customers eat at one of Holy Greens’ restaurants or bring their food home, it is served in bowls from Duni. The companies have collaborated since 2014.

“With Duni’s bagasse products, we can offer personal take-away boxes that are both stylish and environmentally sound. The perfect packaging for our precious vegetables.”
David Egonson,
Owner and Fonder of Holy Greens

Products with many benefits

A big reason why Holy Greens chose Duni was the ability to deliver a product range that goes hand in hand with the company’s focus on environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions. Holy Greens’ salad bowls and lids are a part of Duni’s ecoecho® product range. The bowls are made of compostable bagasse where byproducts of sugar cane production replace wood fibers in the pulp. The lids are made of transparent, recycled plastic (rPET).

The design of Duni’s products was also important to Holy Greens. In addition to being stylish, the possibilities to use the products in brand building efforts played a big part for Holy Greens. The salad bowl lids were embossed with the company’s logo to strengthen the brand.

Collaboration that produces results

An increasingly important success factor in most industries is creating close collaboration throughout the value chain. When the company started out, Holy Greens benefitted greatly from the knowledge of products and materials that Duni shared. Duni helped Holy Greens test various materials to find salad bowls with the right properties.

The companies have continued their close collaboration and are currently working on developing a new, tailored salad bowl for Holy Greens.