“We deliver sustainable experiences”

Meet Johan Mårtensson, Business & Innovation Manager at Duni since summer 2018. Here he discusses his role and how Duni needs to think and work to meet future market needs.

What was your first impression of Duni?

“There is enormous energy and will. Most realize that Duni must continue to develop and deliver relevant solutions throughout the customer journey. Other companies and innovators need to see that Duni is open and receptive to innovation and know that we want to help develop products and services. We need to continue developing our ecosystem around Duni.”

What are your thought on the company’s ecosystem?

“It’s important to be active in various networks, using our market knowledge and pointing to customer needs that we see. Then we’ll grow much faster than if we did it all on our own. We can get a lot back and help others at the same time.

Innovation is about delivering customer value. We have good knowledge of the HoReCa industry and can serve as a demo environment for innovations. This does not always have to involve large volumes. Duni also has an interesting structure because we both offer purchases and have vertically integrated production. I don’t think many people are aware of that.”

Why are sustainable solutions so important?

“I don’t see a future for companies that do not deliver sustainable solutions. It will be incredibly important to take responsibility for the company’s products, both when they are used and afterwards.

“You’ve got to examine the material and the loop and ask: how can we do this with environmentally sound materials? How can we help our customers choose more sustainable solutions?”

When Duni thinks about sustainability, this must cover everything from how much energy is used to create a product and how it is transported to how it can be recycled.

At the same time, more and more people want fast and convenient solutions. This is where our products come in. You’ve got to examine the material and the loop and ask: how can we do this with environmentally sound materials? How can help our customers choose more sustainable solutions?”

What success factors do you see?

“We are now building an organization to support these changes. Collaborating and sharing knowledge, both within Duni and with external organizations, is important. Various types of forums will be established to facilitate this. One of my goals for next year is to explore new areas we have defined as interesting. We will conduct tests both internally and in collaboration with partners in pilot projects.

We had our first innovation workshop in the fall where we looked into various future areas for Duni and how we can deliver relevant services. External experts participated and gave suggestions from their perspectives. This was the first step in being brave enough to let others into our thought process as we look to the future and the place we want Duni to hold.”

Johan Mårtensson

Title: Business Development &
Innovation Manager

Age: 39
Background: Market economics, Niels Brock Business School, Copenhagen. Computer Science, Malmö University. Has worked in marketing and innovation for industrial companies for 7–8 years. Most recently CEO of a large network in the packaging industry.
Passion: Surfing, nature, travel and friends.