Note 35 – Pledged assets and contingent liabilities

Pledged assets

Via newly acquired company BioPak Pty Ltd, the Group has pledged assets in the amount of SEK 15.7 m. The Parent Company had no pledged assets in 2018.


Contingent liabilities
Group Parent Company
SEK m 2018 2017 2018 2017
Guarantees 44 37 41 35
FPG/PRI 2 2 2 2
Total contingent liabilities 46 39 43 37

Of the guarantees in the Parent Company, SEK 38 m (2017: SEK 35 m) are pledged to the benefit of Group companies and SEK 3 m (2017: SEK 2.4) to local customs departments.

Duni has an environmental policy and has implemented control systems which assist Duni in ensuring compliance with environmental legislation. Duni considers the existing operations and production plants to fulfill in all essential respects the requirements stipulated in environmental legislation and provisions which extend to Duni. However, Duni cannot guarantee that currently unknown obligations, for example cleanup or restoration of property owned or previously owned by Duni, cannot arise in the future. Discussions are taking place with responsible authorities concerning allocation of responsibility and technical investigation of suspected past soil contamination on two properties owned by Duni AB.

No significant liabilities are expected to arise as a consequence of any of the above types of contingent liabilities.