Annual and Sustainability Report 2019

Theme for 2019


Customer focus and environmental sustainability are givens for the Duni Group today. Now we are updating what we mean by creating Goodfoodmood®. If it is not sustainable, it is not Goodfoodmood.

One year into our strategy focusing on growth, the Duni Group is on a steady course toward its goals: an even stronger customer focus and eco-profiling. This is a journey for which the needs of our customers throughout the entire customer journey serve as our compass.

The theme of this year’s annual report is Experience*. The focus is on how customers experience us through the Purchase and Use steps of their journey. How do we attract customers? How do we make sure that our products deliver on expectations – preferably even better?

The key is offering products that minimize negative environmental impact. And supporting our customers with knowledge and services that make their purchase easier. This is a process in which we continuously interact with our customers and learn more about their businesses and circumstances. Regardless whether these involve environmental requirements, digitalization or other external factors.

If we want to be as relevant as possible, we must understand how our customers experience, not only their situation throughout the customer journey, but also the Duni Group and our brands.


* The customer journey represents themes in the Duni Group’s annual reports for three years:
Explore, 2018, Experience, 2019 and Expand, 2020.

The Duni Group at a glance

CEO’s comments

“I think it’s incredibly exciting to be a part of the Duni Group’s transition to a more sustainable and customer-focused company. We don’t just do better business but can also contribute to a better society.”

No more flying trash cans


Table Top

Meal Service


New Markets


Implementation of our strategy and continued sustainability focus

BioPak introduction in the European market with the ArtCup series
In 2019, the first BioPak brand products are introduced in the Meal Service business area.

Acquisition of Horizons Supply Ptd.
A supplementary acquisition of Horizons Supply Ptd. is completed and it is consolidated in New Markets. The company’s business comprises sustainable packaging solutions in Australia.

Augmented reality app launched
A digital AR tool in the form of an app is launched under the name Duni Visualiser. The app makes it easy to visualize various table top concepts and also facilitates the customer’s purchase process.

Customer experience project in Switzerland
The Duni Group launches an E-commerce site for B2B customers in Switzerland that enhances the customer experience.

DuniInsight, our employee survey, is conducted and the results show improvements in nearly every area compared with the previous employee survey.

Increase in sustainable product options
The Duni Group is expanding its already broad spectrum of plastic-free and sustainable alternatives to meet the continuing high demand from customers and contribute to a better environment.

Sponsor of Håll Havet Rent
The Duni Group initiates collaboration with Håll Havet Rent (Keep the Oceans Clean), a network that works towards oceans without plastic.

Carbon Footprint Tool
A digital tool that helps both the Duni Group’s sales staff and customers make environmentally-conscious choices is launched in the fall. The tool is called the Carbon Footprint Tool.

Close the Loop / Vinnova
The Duni Group participates in a project funded by Vinnova. The goal is to come up with ways to improve the collection of used take-away products and explore the possibilities for reuse and recycling.

Operating margin

9.6 %

The operating margin was 9.6 (8.7) percent

Net sales

SEK 5,547 m

Net sales increased to SEK 5,547 m (4,927)

Operating income

SEK 533 m

Operating income was SEK 533 m (430)


In the year-end report for 2019, the Board of Directors proposed a dividend of SEK 5.00 (5.00) for 2019 As a result of the market turbulence caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors resolved at an extra­ordinary board meeting on March 20 to propose that the Annual General Meeting not pay any dividend for 2019.


2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Net sales Nettoomsättning 5,547 4,927 4,441 4,271 4,200
Operating income*, SEK m Operativt resultat* 533 430 491 502 528
Operating EBITDA* Operativt EBITDA* 762 583 630 632 656
EBIT Rörelseresultat, EBIT 408 351 456 463 493
EBITDA EBITDA 759 546 629 622 622
Net income before tax Resultat före skatt 377 328 439 441 459
Net income for the year Årets resultat 273 249 334 334 346
Proposed dividend, SEK/Share Föreslagen utdelning SEK/Aktie 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00
Equity Eget kapital 2,664 2,616 2,594 2,486 2,345
Return on equity, % Avkastning på eget kapital, % 10.3% 9.5% 12.9 13.4 14.8
Return on capital employed, % Avkastning på sysselsatt kapital, % 12.9% 10.6% 14.4 15.8 18.6
Number of employees Antal anställda 2,398 2,477 2,362 2,279 2,082
* EBIT and EBITDA are adjusted for non-recurring items.
1) Relates to continuing operations for 2015 and back in time. The discontinued hygiene products business has been recalculated and, in accordance with IFRS, is reported on a line after the net income for the period for continuing operations.
2) Key ratios for 2016 and onwards include non-controlling interests.

Net sales and operating income, SEK m