Note 39 – Events after the balance sheet date

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has worsened the geopolitical situation. Uncertainty is high and it is currently difficult to assess the consequences and long-term effects for the Group, but at this stage the direct impact is limited. Duni Group closely monitors developments and complies with all imposed sanctions. As a result of the difficult situation, the Group has stopped all deliveries to the sales company in Russia and is reviewing the possibility of shutting down operations there. Today, sales represent less than one percent of the group’s turnover and the Moscow operation employs 17 people. The Group has no operations or employees in Ukraine. No inputs and no imports come from these two countries. In the first quarter of 2022, a decision has been made to cease operations in Russia. A restructuring charge of approximately SEK 9 million is recognized, mainly relating to inventory write-downs and trade receivables.